Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Goals for this week

Now to my weekly goals, here you find the goals from last week and Mara from joyful life is a hugh inspiration go over to her blog and link your goals there! Thank you!

I was able to buy nothing only for pleasure, if I thought to be in need of something I quickly reinvented things I already had, it's good to be creative with what you already have and most of time the things I want to buy aren't this urgent.

This goal I will take with me another week, but I allow myself to buy flowers if they cross my way, they make me happy, they inspire me and they come and go, it isn't a material weight I add to my life.

The part of the organizing I faild a little, I just don't find the motivation, because next month we will move and I have to put everything into boxes for this, I just think everytime before organizing a part of our home, that I will do it when I move the things into the boxes. I have done the usual stuff you have to do in a household, but nothing more and I think this goal will sit a while in the back and I will really do it when I put all our stuff into boxes.

But, I love our home and for this I will take photos of every room this days and maybe even a short video for us to remember this period of time, this will be my second goal for the coming week!

My journal writing goes very good, I really enjoy it and will go ahead. It's not the easiest period I'm in at the time, for this it really helps me to clear my thougths and see it from outside. This course of Susannah is a very supportive and helping guide at the time for me and helps me really to develop my writing habit.

Blogging really is a part of this and helps me a lot for my self refelection, to see who I am and to show my real me, without fear.
Thank you for all to follow along, to be there and read my thougths, to send me sweet words in the comments or by email and to be inspired.
I really appericate everyone of you and you see me smile a lot of times during the day, thinking about all the kind humans all around the world.
So supportive and just incredible, this is the way to build a community, to see the beauty in our lives, to love ourself is the first step into a world full of peace and love.

I made this padded leather organizer last weekend and will share a DIY tutorial and a video with you at thursday, so you can set up your own organizer and blogjournal. 
A free blog index for an A5 binder is in the work and will be ready at the end of this week!



  1. This post is so beautiful! I'm excited to see the journal DIY. I've got to make one! I love the ribbon close on yours.

  2. So PRETTY! And those baby pups... x

  3. My heart soars every time I see your photography and hear how much you are embracing new things and a deep love for yourself! So inspiring!

  4. Danke für Deinen netten Kommentar bei mir!!!
    Wie immer zeigst Du hier auch wunderschöne Fotos - und ich freu mich auf das DIY!
    Alles Liebe,

  5. Exquisite as always Eos! Intimate and real. Heart on sleeve, goals online and beauty everywhere...

  6. I love, love, love your use of photos. It tells such a beautiful story -- something I want to get better at.


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