Monday, 24 June 2013

Free index for A5 binder

I have a free index for an A5 binder for all of you! I already have a tutorial and video how to set up your own binder and this is the index you can use together with it.

I set up a blog organization system and designed this index cards for my selfmade A5 binder.
It's very easy done, I printed them out on my homeprinter and without scaling the pages on a normal sheet of  printer paper and then laminated them, if you don't have the possibilty to laminate them you can print them also on a thicker cardboard and then cut out.

Since I have a lot of different organization systems with all different holes I have this hole punch and put a readymade paper over it and punch the holes at the same points in the index sheets or other things I want to file up in my binder.

Credit for the images go to Karen from the Graphicsfairy.
Thank you for letting me use them!


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  1. I love you! I will print these off and insert them into my notebook immediately!


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