Thursday, 27 June 2013

Dog love

I really love dogs, I think they are the most adapted animals for us as a family!
We made so much nice experience and they make our family just complete. Every of them has his very own personality.
I love all of them, the big sweet giants and the little sweet critters. We have now four dogs in our family and we don't have any problem to handle it, we take them everywhere we go and they are always with us. It is just a litte hard if you are out in the evening for a walk and eating icecream, everyone looks at us and wants to give some cuddles to them. Sometimes it's okay, but sometimes you just want to be there as a family.

I miss my babydogs a whole lot, for this I went to pinterest looking for cute litte puppies, they make my heart melt. For more sweetness go to my animal love board.


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  1. Sehr schöne Bilder, sie haben so viel Atmosphäre, dass ich das Gefühl habe, auch im Süden zu sein. Danke dafür - vor meinem Fenster ist es leider gerade mal wieder grau!


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