Friday, 21 June 2013

Daily life

This week was full fo pink roses, behind our house there is a wild rose bush in full bloom and I can't help myself and carry this beautys inside the house

We have to let go oft this beautiful and incredible sweet creatures and I enjoy every moment with them. I love all our puppies and will miss them!

The empty space in between, I learn to accept it and fill it with journalling

Colors and flowers always make me happy, love to create

Maskingtape bliss to cheer up every blank page

Hot summer in my beloved home, I enjoy every part of it, because I know we soon have to leave

More flowers, they really make me smile and inspire me more then anything else
Sleeping in the sunlight, relaxed and calm

The big and best dog and her little friend, I could cuddle them all day long

Another wall I love from our home

Sweetest babydog , my heart just melt

Sewing a new summerdress is always bliss

More pink roses

Welcoming the imperfect and relax, stop worring and breath, start showing the real me

Wish you all a very beautiful and realxing weekend, at monday I will have here for you a index for an A5 binder to print out. Here you also find the tutorial of how to make your own leather organizer.

Here you find lots and lots of weekly love. Thank you dear Jane



  1. You have the sweetest dogs ! These pictures are lovely :)

    1. Sadly this babydogs are on the way to there new homes! Tomorrow we will remain with only one little puppy! They where in seven and we had three beautiful months seeing them grow.

  2. Ohh :( I bet that's a difficult moment, they look so sweet... 7 is a lot of babydog love though :P so I understand the need for their new home..
    At least you got to enjoy them for 3 months :))
    Hope you have a good day :)

    1. Oh yes! I feel free and empty at the same time and to have only 4 dogs seems to don't even have a lot of dogs. =)

  3. Dogs sleeping together is one of the cutest things.

  4. Love the pics of these cute little dogs! (Well, I would definitly not like to clean after 7 wee dogs ;-))
    Which one stays with you?

    1. The little black baby girl you see on the first photo on the right!
      It really was a lot of cleaning and educating, but it was worth it, the are to lovely.

  5. Bei dir sieht alles so wundervoll frisch und pastellig aus!:)


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