Friday, 14 June 2013

Daily life

Welcoming the unperfect in my life and be kinder to myself

Fresh fig

Dressing up in the morning to fit my mood for the day a pearl collar can't be wrong

Setting up my perfect blog organizer

A little dog in a basket

Seeking up the afternoon silence and try to breath in the moment in its fullness

Journal, inspiration, coffee and fresh flowers. Perfectness pure!

The evening sun shining inside the staircase and making the most beautiful light

Seeking in the morning sun and fresh flowers

Fitting my newly sewn shirt in gold + teal. 

Having a rest, breath and accept myself as I am

Freshness pure

Images are food for my soul 

Taking photos of all the beautiful moments in between our daily life

I made it a habit to stop between the hours of the day, catching a moment and often catching a photo of it. Breathe in the beauty and feel it deep with my bones. Like this I cultivate a little selflove and try to check in with myself, looking at me with love, accepting myself just the way I am.
Thank you Jane for the weekly love you share, if you want to collect the moments you enjoyed this week you can link yourself to the list.



  1. Love how you catched the beauty of your day!

  2. So, so gorgeous Eos. I love the way that you are capturing - and sharing - your life!

    1. Happy you enjoy to have e peek into my life!
      Thank you for your lovely words!

  3. As always I'd just love to dive in your days. So much beauty you surround yourself with and so much love in the details.
    I wish you many breathtaking moments for this hot swiss-summer-weekend!

    1. Lovely you, thank you for your sweet words.

  4. Your world looks lovely dear :) Such a pretty place you live and very sweet. Thank you for the comment on my blog, dear Eos

    Bunny kisses,

    1. Thank you, Madlyn.
      Wish you a beautiful day.


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Thank to all of you kind and lovely souls out there.


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