Tuesday, 11 June 2013

About goalmaking

Making goals and planning is one of the things, I really like to do. I think it forces to grow, to learn always more and to point yourself in the right direction.
But there is this habit of mine, that I make goals, search new systems to be organized and to then set up actually new goals to reach the goals I already made!
It really is at the time to find a goalmaking habit that rally works for me, plans that I will be able to reach, without the need of new organization.
A lot of time I also have the good old problem of procrastination, I'm actually really skilled in this and often I think, that I could reach this goal, if only I would buy this and that or if I learn first to do something other.

I really want to step away of this unproductive habit and downsize my goals so much, that I'm able to reach them without problem. This little steps will bring me at the end to the person I want to be (see this nice blogpost about this theme from dani o buckly), it is the moving that guides us to go where we want, not only the dreaming of it.
Dreaming indeed is important too, it's the best way to dream without boundaries, to imagine the best version of us we can be and actually move towards it.

Mara from joyful life has written a beautiful post about goalmaking last week here, she was my inspiration to write this post and look a little closer to my habit in goalmaking.
She invited already last week to link our weekly goals and make them more accountable by sharing them with others, you are all invited to come over to her blog and share your link with your goals and thougths.

Three things I strive to reach this week are

- To really buy nothing for the pleasure of buying, I want to let go of things and not collecting more
- Organize and clean out one part of our home a day, no matter how big or little, important to start with the flow
- Writing in my journal daily and free my mind

Looking around for a good organization system I found lots of free printables and I love to share them with all of you there is a beautiful weekly planner from Arian Armstrong, a collection of 20 blog planner on fab n free, this lovely blog planner to do list from the blog sew much crafting and this thougths about balance from Blog Milk.
Hope you can make use of one or the other of them and love them as much as I do and I wish you all a beautiful and sunny day.



  1. Oh! Thanks for posting the planners, im going on a mini pinning spree at works as we speak! I love organizers but I tend to buy too many, entranced by all the things I could get done! I'm ready a great book about routines right now called manage your day to day, you might want to check it out :) http://99u.com/book/manage-your-day-to-day

    1. Thank you for the Link, Sarah!
      Curious to check out your book, thank you for sharing.

  2. This is a lovely post Eos! I always adore your photography...lots of oohs and ahhs over here!

    I'm so excited you are making weekly goals! It's such a joy to see and makes me feel that much stronger and motivated to keep mine going. Not to mention they give me lots of good ideas for goals to come. Together we can do this!

    1. Thank you Mara, really loved your inspiration to start thinking about my goalmaking in a more productive way!


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