Monday, 3 June 2013

5 things about me

1. My second name is the name of my mother and means star, the same signification but different names are the second names of my two daugthers.

2. When I was three years old I lived a hole year in a caravan, travelling with my then hippy parents through the desert sahara, spain and marocco.
I don't remember it with my brain, but there are feelings left over from this time. I love the sound of diesel motors, dates and pictures of the desert give me a special feeling of beeing at home.

3. I distract very easy and need lots of time for myself.
Even noise like the cars on the street outside our house or bold colors can make me tired. For this I love to surround us in a clear and white home full of silence.

4. The parents of my grandma where gypsies, I have it inside me to not stick to only one place.

5. I can't lie. I'm not able to do it, but I'm perfectly happy with beeing a very honest person.



  1. I love your list. I mean not everyone lived in a caravan of hippies and had gypsy grandparents! I totally identify with No. 3 as I am very sensitive to overstimulation and it has always made me tired. I look forward to more of your lists. Blessings, lydia

  2. I love your list and reading about your free spirit! Liz x


Thank you all, I'm so happy about your comments and that you let me feel the love.
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Thank to all of you kind and lovely souls out there.


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