Monday, 17 June 2013

5 more things about me

- Beeing a mother for my daugthers is the most beautiful and difficult thing in my life at the same time.

- I never was very interested in languages, but learned them without even to study.
I love all the difference of them and every language has his very own mood you can set in by using her. My native is swiss german, in school I learnd german, italian has become like a second native, it seems the language of my heart, most of time in the internet I communicate in english and soon I have to learn french, we will go to life in the frenchspeaking part of switzerland this summer.

- I love rosa and think it is a very special color for us, because it remains us the day's we where in the belly of our mothers.
Protected and weightless, the light shining through the skin letting us this color experience for first, attached to a very nice and special feeling.

- I hardly ever look or read news.
I decided for my life to focus on the good and beautiful things around in the world.
We don't own a TV and only look sometimes a movie when I'm in the mood of it, less then once a month.

- I tattooed my name on my finger to celebrate self love.



  1. i love that you tatooed your name on your fingers.
    how lovely is that!
    selflove is such a rare thing...we have to do it much more!!!
    i love your always!
    so full of life and love and the magic of simplicity!!!


    1. Dear Eni,
      as always, your words go directly to my heart!
      Thank you!

  2. I too love that you have your name on your fingers! It's so important to love yourself. I thought that this morning as I practiced yoga in the warm sun; I realised just how important it is to connect with yourself in those moments that you talk about and to take a moment to hold yourself, as you would your child. Beautiful...


Thank you all, I'm so happy about your comments and that you let me feel the love.
Feel free to communicate with me in english, german, italian and soon french!
Thank to all of you kind and lovely souls out there.


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