Friday, 28 June 2013

Daily life

This days I stick to my weekly goal and create really every day it is just so fullfilling!
The roses in our garden in full bloom.

Healty breakfast with fresh roses, figs and a coffee.

Morning cuddles!

A basket full of roses and a lovely giant dog.

Seeking in every corner of our home for the last few weeks.

Healthy apricot smoothie.

Wearing my beautiful pink dress.

More summerflowers. 

My lightgreen favourite dress, would love to wear it every day!

Summershoes from last year with a bow, they make me happy!

Can't wait to work through this new book from Misty Mawn.

A calm and fresh space to rest at hot summerdays.

Planning to sew an ocean dress. I'm inspired!

The most perfectly flowers from the garden! Love!

My little cute chihuahua looking like a fox out of a fairytale.

I love to collect grateful moments and take them near my heart, they make my life so much fuller, they let me see and be aware to things I would afterwards not recognize and I catch all this moments during the week and collect them at my instagram feed. If you want join the fun come over to the weekly love side.

Ps. I think everyone already said it, Google reader is closing down and if you are subscribed via it you will loose all your blogs in your reading list! If you like my blog and want to read it in the future, you can subscribe with bloglovin, feedly or via rss feed.

If you like my signora aurora page on facebook I'm one happy girl!

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Dog love

I really love dogs, I think they are the most adapted animals for us as a family!
We made so much nice experience and they make our family just complete. Every of them has his very own personality.
I love all of them, the big sweet giants and the little sweet critters. We have now four dogs in our family and we don't have any problem to handle it, we take them everywhere we go and they are always with us. It is just a litte hard if you are out in the evening for a walk and eating icecream, everyone looks at us and wants to give some cuddles to them. Sometimes it's okay, but sometimes you just want to be there as a family.

I miss my babydogs a whole lot, for this I went to pinterest looking for cute litte puppies, they make my heart melt. For more sweetness go to my animal love board.


Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Danielle dress (free Burdastyle pattern)

Since I dont allow myself to buy things in this days, I started to look around for free dress patterns. In this days I like to use a pattern, maybe it's all about the lazyness. I don't have to adjust here and there too much and it goes faster.

I fall in love with this free pattern from Burdastyle for the Danielle dress.
The shape of the neckline is so beautiful and the dress fitted at the first attempt, a really lovely dress of which I will sew also one in another color. I did let away the puff sleeves, since it is very hot here at the summerdays and I do not like them as much.
The fabric is a very lightweight and soft green with woven in golden thread which you see only if the light falls in a special way or from very near. I could wear this dress forever and think it's a good choice for a lot of occcasions, going for an evening walk, eating out for dinner or a party.

Today is the last me made mittwoch before the summer break, hop over there to find lots of summer sewing inspiration and if you wear something you made yourself you can link yourself in the list! Thank you for the organisation lovely mmm team!


Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Weekly goals

I had a hard time to let go all of this puppies last week! They where in seven and six are now in there new families. We found really lovely places for all of them, but after three months of babydog bliss, it just feels so empty without them running around my studio during the day.
It was a hard time at some points but also one of the most beautiful. An experience we will not miss, but also not repeat in the near future. It is just so difficult to handle in a rented appartment where you are not as free as if you are the owner.

Here to my three mini goals for this week, you find the goals of last week here.

- I still not want to buy anything for pleasure, except things that are really for pleasure and give me a nice feeling. If nice flowers cross my way, I will take them home and they will inspire me. If we go for a walk after a hot day in the evening, I allow myself to eat a delicious icecream, also because this are the last days here in italy and I will enjoy everything as much as I can.
But I don't buy things for the pleasure of buying, it just does not make me feel good, it makes me longing for more things in a unhealty way.

- I will let go of perfectionism. I have very high claims to myself and I'm not able to relax if there are still dishes in my kitchensink when I go to bed in the evening. I become nervous when there are doghairs on the sofa and I often do not start a project because I think I'm not good enough yet, instead to start doing it and learn with practice. It's just this little thing in my head that pops up to look at all the corners where I could be better instead of looking to the things I'm already good in!

- I will create and not remain in my mind with all the thinking of what else I could do. It is all about taking action and moving. Practice and enjoying the ride. It is perfectly okay to be at this moment where I am, I will grow and learn more, but for now I really can be happy with who I am. I will jump daily into projects with my hands, no matter if I sew, paint or bake! Everything is okay if it complains stepping away of my computer and move away of the thinking part of me! It even does not matter if this projects are perfect, like you can see at my other goal or if I finish them! Just start, take action and then go with the flow!

It is a hugh help to have this little weekly goals, I hopped on the train with the motivation of mara from joyful life, you can link up your own goals there! 
I'm loving this slow progress I'm making and it gives me the feeling of sucess and this positive feeling is a big motivation point to me. I just feel that I accomplish something and went ahead!


Monday, 24 June 2013

Free index for A5 binder

I have a free index for an A5 binder for all of you! I already have a tutorial and video how to set up your own binder and this is the index you can use together with it.

I set up a blog organization system and designed this index cards for my selfmade A5 binder.
It's very easy done, I printed them out on my homeprinter and without scaling the pages on a normal sheet of  printer paper and then laminated them, if you don't have the possibilty to laminate them you can print them also on a thicker cardboard and then cut out.

Since I have a lot of different organization systems with all different holes I have this hole punch and put a readymade paper over it and punch the holes at the same points in the index sheets or other things I want to file up in my binder.

Credit for the images go to Karen from the Graphicsfairy.
Thank you for letting me use them!


Friday, 21 June 2013

Daily life

This week was full fo pink roses, behind our house there is a wild rose bush in full bloom and I can't help myself and carry this beautys inside the house

We have to let go oft this beautiful and incredible sweet creatures and I enjoy every moment with them. I love all our puppies and will miss them!

The empty space in between, I learn to accept it and fill it with journalling

Colors and flowers always make me happy, love to create

Maskingtape bliss to cheer up every blank page

Hot summer in my beloved home, I enjoy every part of it, because I know we soon have to leave

More flowers, they really make me smile and inspire me more then anything else
Sleeping in the sunlight, relaxed and calm

The big and best dog and her little friend, I could cuddle them all day long

Another wall I love from our home

Sweetest babydog , my heart just melt

Sewing a new summerdress is always bliss

More pink roses

Welcoming the imperfect and relax, stop worring and breath, start showing the real me

Wish you all a very beautiful and realxing weekend, at monday I will have here for you a index for an A5 binder to print out. Here you also find the tutorial of how to make your own leather organizer.

Here you find lots and lots of weekly love. Thank you dear Jane

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