Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Old and new

Let go something old to welcome something new.

I have a hard time to let go our home. I feel so attachet to it.
Love the view all around, the light and most of all the morning sun in our living room, kitchen and balcony.
To stand up in the morning and seek in the golden light while drinking a cup of coffee is just the best way to start a fresh new day.

We found an appartment to rent and I try to fall in love with it every day. Every day a little more.
To let go the boundaries that attach me to this place of us we are living now here in italy.

I'm seeking to make our new home comfy, protected, warm, feminim, full of light, filled with white, warm and cozy. A beloved nest for our family.

I also started to make a pinterest board to set the mood and colors for our new home. To make me ready and brave.

I grew up near a lake and loved the energy of the water.
If my mind was stormy it helped me to look at the water and calm down. To seek in the beloved colors the water looks like. From blues to greens.
The lake changed his colors with my mood.

Near our new home will be a tiny lake.

The mountains with their white mountain peaks will surround us and our living room has a big windowwall which goes out on a large balcony.

Living in the highest floor we are protected and save from the eyes of others and I can fill up our nest with light, without the need to hide behind curtains.

I can't wait to hear the cows and their bells in the warm summernights while sitting with candlelight on the balcony or falling asleep.
It remainds me the days I was a tiny little girl.



  1. I just went trough your pinterest board and love it. Soft colours, bright lights, balanced between playfulness and a rustic-style.
    I pretty sure your home will soon be just as cozy!
    The best wishes,

  2. If you are good at nesting--which I'm sure you are!--it's always hard to leave behind the beautiful home you've created. The only consolation is knowing that you can do it again. And again. With all the wonderful ideas you've gathered along the way. Sounds like a wonderful new spot to start over in. Can't wait to see the transformation.

  3. Dear Eos, your new home will be every bit as lovely as your present one because all that cosyness, light and adventure is in YOU. You take it with you therefore. I'm so looking forward to watching your new adventure unfold... With love, Kiki


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