Wednesday, 22 May 2013

in beetwen

There is so much going on in our life here at the moment and in the same time it feels like time is standing still. It seems I find all the time a excuse to don't start new projects, to don't sew, to don't create.

We have ten dogs at this moment. They really are the big part of my day. In the morning I wake up, feed them and clean them out. So it goes all day until late in the evening, there are the moments I really enjoy it and love this furballs, but there are the moments I feel bounded up and heavy under all this responsability. I can't smell dog poop anymore and don't want to rule my day around the times they are awake and asleep. In the meantime it is one of the most beautiful experiences to go through and I love one more then the other of this seven little puppies.

It gives me just this big experience of feeling the time.
They will go in new families and thinking about it already makes my heart heavy.
They will go in new families and I can't wait to feel lighter and become back freedom.

Just the two sides, like you find everywhere in life.

It is an in between situation, this are our last weeks we are living here in italy. I want to seek in all. I want to breathe in our home we builded. I love this nest and will miss our place.
I'm just so emotionally attached to our appartment. To the mood we created in our four walls, to this place where we fill up with energy. The things we went through. The homebirth of our little daugther. The first years of school of our bigger girl. Our love who grew stronger.
Just everyday life.



  1. Again, a really moving story. Feeling 'in between is so weird, like being between two great loves...

  2. Loslassen braucht seine Zeit... der Lohn sind neue Abenteuer, neue Erfahrungen neue Erlebnisse, die zu Erinnerungen werden, die ihr bald schon nicht werdet missen wollen.


  3. Oh my gosh, your puppy is so cute!!!! I want him......


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