Friday, 31 May 2013

Daily life

Drinking Coffee with lots of milk, coffee helps me to calm down and breath

Fallen in love with this perfect coral bag.  

Picking roses and peppermints in our little garden and make some fresh mint tea

Sewing a nice tulleskirt and feeling feminim

Wearing flats with bows for a sunny springday

Cuddling the chihuahua puppies

Cooking and eating spagetthis!

Journalling and writing my thougths down. Feeling inspired.

Fresh pink ruffle poenies.

Drinking coffee, eating strawberrys and have me time togther with my blog.

Having a rest and sitting down while doing nothing.

See big and little friends play together and love each other.

P.S: This post is part of the project, called "weekly love" go have a look over there to see and feel more love and maybe you want to share your own happy moments!



  1. Hello! Your photos are so lovely and poetic! And I really like your tulleskirt; it looks like you're a fairy!

  2. your soft colored photos and all the lovely things your day is filled with give me the feeling of slowing down and relax. You remind me to just take my time now and then to sit down and do NOTHING (this isn't easy for there are so many things to be done..) Thank you for sharing!
    Enjoy your puppies and make yourself a beautiful weekend!
    PS: I LOVE your tulleskirt!!

  3. Adore, adore, adore! Your little tulle skirt yesterday has inspired me to get out the sewing machine my lovely mother-in-law sweetly gave to me and get it reconditioned. A girl needs to create!!

  4. Oh, sehen die Bilder schön aus!

  5. Oh, your photos make me so happy. Light and serene....


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