Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Building your perfect world

Our thinking is building up our life and the reality we are living in.
It really is worth to make your life become the highest dream and best version you can imagine of. Thinking up the most perfect way you can dream of.

I really think, we construct the world around us with our mind, we attract what we dream of and often our fears become true. It needs lot of courage to let go of this thinking patterns we are stuck of, to become free of the voices in our head!

It's all in our hands and I think it is easy, just believe it and it will become easy for you.

I love change. I love to learn. 
But I have this little voice in my head that stops me here and there or the voice that tells me all the way along, that I'm not enough. 
I want to let go of them. 
Be courageous and go ahead, with a smile on my face and my loved ones near by.

We take a new adventure this summer! 
We go to live in switzerland. It's the country I grow up, we lived near the lake of constanz, in the swiss german part near germany. After nearly five years in italy we now go to live in the french part of switzerland.
There will be so much new. We have to find friends and know people around there. After all it is a language we don't speak yet and have to learn it! 

It wasn't always easy to change my live and go from a little town in the countryside to a big city like turin. There where fears, homesickness and feelings of beeing alone. There was the difficulty for a language, that I really learned to love more then my mothertongue. 

The home of my heart seams to be here in italy. I love the sun.



  1. Traumhafte Bilder! Wow... ihr kommt in die Schweiz?!
    Ich wünsch euch alles Gute und hoffe ihr gewöhnt euch als ganze Familie schnell ein.

    Grüessli aus der deutschen Schweiz.

    1. Liebe Melanie
      Vielen Dank für die lieben Wünsche. Ja, wir kommen in die Schweiz, es wird alles neu sein und es braucht etwas Mut, aber Ich bin sicher es wird spannend.


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