Friday, 31 May 2013

Daily life

Drinking Coffee with lots of milk, coffee helps me to calm down and breath

Fallen in love with this perfect coral bag.  

Picking roses and peppermints in our little garden and make some fresh mint tea

Sewing a nice tulleskirt and feeling feminim

Wearing flats with bows for a sunny springday

Cuddling the chihuahua puppies

Cooking and eating spagetthis!

Journalling and writing my thougths down. Feeling inspired.

Fresh pink ruffle poenies.

Drinking coffee, eating strawberrys and have me time togther with my blog.

Having a rest and sitting down while doing nothing.

See big and little friends play together and love each other.

P.S: This post is part of the project, called "weekly love" go have a look over there to see and feel more love and maybe you want to share your own happy moments!


Thursday, 30 May 2013


Yesterday I wanted to feel feminim, I love to feel like a lady, I dressed up nicely and spended a day, taking care of baby chihuahuas and cleaning the poop of them.
I surley felt more glamorous in this nice clothes and with my hairs fresh washed, also if I can't help, I sometimes can't wait to give them in their families. mostly in the moments I'm kneeing on the floor cleaning the pee's here and there.

To pretend something and think ourself in there, surely helps to approach a feeling we are longing for. I'ts just not easy to know for ourself where we want to go.

I think most of the things are easier then we think and reachable if divided in little parts and steps, but since we want them to be complicated and difficult, they are so.

Think of something that you believe it's difficult.
For me, at this time it's the business side of live, to earn a living. It seems to be the part where I define myself to be enough.
It could also be to find balance or live a fullfilled life. Feel enough with who you are, feel beautiful or see the beauty that surrounds you daily.

Over the years I builded up the thinking, that making money isn't easy. You cant earn something with things that you actually like and enjoy doing.

Until I don't let go this feeling and believing it will really be hard, because me thinking of it as something very difficult to accomplish.

I will find here and there obstacles and will stand myself in my own way all the time.

Where are you slowing down yourself? In which parts of your life you would love to grow, but stand in your own way?

To let go of this structures you've builded in your mind, you've to become free of them and be brave to let them go and learn again from scratch.
Proof yourself that you're not right with your thinking.
Find others who do what you think is hard, without beeing stopped from themself.

Collect all the little positiv progresses in the past you made, seeking and proofing to yourself that you can do it.

Be brave, allow yourself to be brave. Trust and trust in you.

Going the path of your heart.


Wednesday, 29 May 2013

dreaming of fairytales

I had to make my sewingmachine happy last weekend, she waited so long alone on my table. It was just another rainy and cozy sunday and I already had in my mind, what I want to create.
A tulleskirt, so I can pretend to be glarmorous, on an ordinary day. I like to feel feminim and this skirt makes me feel like I'm out of a fairytale.
Isn't it all to feel good in your clothes? To look at yourself, spin around and imagine the story of you? 

The skirt I sewed without plan, I misured my hip and added to this number 5 cm, then divided this number in two. The lenght I took on another skirt that fits me and I like the length. Here I choosed 45 cm and added 2 cm to hem it. First I made the underskirt and made it go apart below, the skirt is a lot further at the hem then on my hips, I like this shape. Then I gathered two very long pieces of tulle and sewed them to my underskirt, one in the front, the other in the back. At the end I sewed on a elastic to make the waistband fit properly. The underskirt I hemed, but the tulle I let the ending open. 
Very easy and fast done!
The laceshirt is from the same pattern like this and this one I already sewed, only with the short sleeves.
My new salmon bag is from the market here in Italy, I really love the clothes and accessories you find here, it's something I will miss.

All the others from me made mittwoch you find on here.


Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Old and new

Let go something old to welcome something new.

I have a hard time to let go our home. I feel so attachet to it.
Love the view all around, the light and most of all the morning sun in our living room, kitchen and balcony.
To stand up in the morning and seek in the golden light while drinking a cup of coffee is just the best way to start a fresh new day.

We found an appartment to rent and I try to fall in love with it every day. Every day a little more.
To let go the boundaries that attach me to this place of us we are living now here in italy.

I'm seeking to make our new home comfy, protected, warm, feminim, full of light, filled with white, warm and cozy. A beloved nest for our family.

I also started to make a pinterest board to set the mood and colors for our new home. To make me ready and brave.

I grew up near a lake and loved the energy of the water.
If my mind was stormy it helped me to look at the water and calm down. To seek in the beloved colors the water looks like. From blues to greens.
The lake changed his colors with my mood.

Near our new home will be a tiny lake.

The mountains with their white mountain peaks will surround us and our living room has a big windowwall which goes out on a large balcony.

Living in the highest floor we are protected and save from the eyes of others and I can fill up our nest with light, without the need to hide behind curtains.

I can't wait to hear the cows and their bells in the warm summernights while sitting with candlelight on the balcony or falling asleep.
It remainds me the days I was a tiny little girl.


Monday, 27 May 2013

Give thanks

I want to say thank you to all my readers.
There are so much lovely people that come from far and near to me and go alongside with me on this journey.

I treasure everyone of you from the bottom of my heart.
Your comments and emails bring true happiness to me.

All over the planet are so much lovely people. All with their stories they carry with them. Secrets they are keeping and love they are spreading.

I'm overhelmd by all this love and really believe that we all are striving to the same balance. Seeking for love. Surrounding with happiness.

To all my germanspeaking readers, I switched to english again, the language I started my very first blog years ago. The voice near and straight from my heart speaks this language. The words are flowing and come directly from inside of me, without taking the roundabout to my mind.
I know, my english is far from perfect, but it will improve on this journey and grow together with me.


Wednesday, 22 May 2013

in beetwen

There is so much going on in our life here at the moment and in the same time it feels like time is standing still. It seems I find all the time a excuse to don't start new projects, to don't sew, to don't create.

We have ten dogs at this moment. They really are the big part of my day. In the morning I wake up, feed them and clean them out. So it goes all day until late in the evening, there are the moments I really enjoy it and love this furballs, but there are the moments I feel bounded up and heavy under all this responsability. I can't smell dog poop anymore and don't want to rule my day around the times they are awake and asleep. In the meantime it is one of the most beautiful experiences to go through and I love one more then the other of this seven little puppies.

It gives me just this big experience of feeling the time.
They will go in new families and thinking about it already makes my heart heavy.
They will go in new families and I can't wait to feel lighter and become back freedom.

Just the two sides, like you find everywhere in life.

It is an in between situation, this are our last weeks we are living here in italy. I want to seek in all. I want to breathe in our home we builded. I love this nest and will miss our place.
I'm just so emotionally attached to our appartment. To the mood we created in our four walls, to this place where we fill up with energy. The things we went through. The homebirth of our little daugther. The first years of school of our bigger girl. Our love who grew stronger.
Just everyday life.


Monday, 20 May 2013


I remember when I was little, I locked myself in the bathroom to look at me in the mirror and think that I was born to be someone special. I looked at me in the future and couldn't imagine then where I would go, but deep inside me I already felt it. Knew that love will guide me and by going the path of my heart I would fullfill my life. 
When I was little, I saw this very clear. I felt it. I knew it.
And my grandfather wispered it to me all the time, he would be right, I knew.

Then there where a lot of years of life in between. Out in the ocean of daily life. Storms that made all up and down. And happy days full of sunshine. Painfull growing and decisions to go a path in the dark. 
And I learnd that everyone of us is something special. Everyone.

I tried to catch up. Be enough.
Feel enough.

But it is so difficult to explain something with your mind, when your body and heart don't feel it. 
I even tried to fill up this hole of not feeling enough with material things and at some points of my life with eating. 

It is really time to let go. To accept where I am right now in life, with all the ups and downs. To don't run after a better me in the future. To accept myself and my life right now in all the colors and shapes. The white, the black and all the grey in between.

I had a moment this weekend, where I looked late in the night in the mirror, and saw myself again, as something very special, deep connected with my heart and soul with a clear and honest mind of the little girl I was so much years back then.


Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Building your perfect world

Our thinking is building up our life and the reality we are living in.
It really is worth to make your life become the highest dream and best version you can imagine of. Thinking up the most perfect way you can dream of.

I really think, we construct the world around us with our mind, we attract what we dream of and often our fears become true. It needs lot of courage to let go of this thinking patterns we are stuck of, to become free of the voices in our head!

It's all in our hands and I think it is easy, just believe it and it will become easy for you.

I love change. I love to learn. 
But I have this little voice in my head that stops me here and there or the voice that tells me all the way along, that I'm not enough. 
I want to let go of them. 
Be courageous and go ahead, with a smile on my face and my loved ones near by.

We take a new adventure this summer! 
We go to live in switzerland. It's the country I grow up, we lived near the lake of constanz, in the swiss german part near germany. After nearly five years in italy we now go to live in the french part of switzerland.
There will be so much new. We have to find friends and know people around there. After all it is a language we don't speak yet and have to learn it! 

It wasn't always easy to change my live and go from a little town in the countryside to a big city like turin. There where fears, homesickness and feelings of beeing alone. There was the difficulty for a language, that I really learned to love more then my mothertongue. 

The home of my heart seams to be here in italy. I love the sun.

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